For those who know the joys of a day spent on the water, there is nothing more precious than the day boating season begins. It’s important to make sure that before you push off, your vessel is prepared to provide you the experience you seek.
Fullriver AGM batteries are designed and constructed to make sure you can focus on that experience by providing consistent, reliable power to your engine, fish finders, radios, and the full range of accessories you’ve added to make your time on the water perfect.
Our Master Distributors can help to match our products to your needs, with a wide range of sealed, maintenance-free, corrosion-free batteries to take whatever the seas can throw at them, from clear glass to full-speed white-capped glory.
By installing a Fullriver AGM, you can set your mind to what really matters – taking full advantage of the wonders of nature from the most beautiful seat on the deck – the one with you in it.

DC105-12 Deep-Cycle AGM Battery

DC115-12 Deep-Cycle AGM Battery

DC210-12 Deep-Cycle AGM Battery

DC224-6 Deep-Cycle AGM Battery

DC250-6 Deep-Cycle AGM Battery

DC260-12 Deep-Cycle AGM Battery

DC85-12 Deep-Cycle AGM Battery

FFD100-12 Dual Purpose AGM Battery

FFD110-12 Dual Purpose AGM Battery

FFD200-12 Dual Purpose AGM Battery

FFD260-12 Dual Purpose AGM Battery

FFD80-12 Dual Purpose AGM Battery


HC105 High Capacity Dual Purpose AGM Battery

HC110 High Capacity Dual Purpose AGM Battery


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