Commercial Trucking

You’ve got a lot of road behind, and more ahead. When it’s time to shut down in your rig, you want your hotel loads ready to carry you through the night. With Fullriver DC Series AGM Batteries, you can upgrade to a true deep cycle that won’t just power your fridge, satellite, computer, coffee pot, electric blanket and more – it’ll keep your APU system corrosion free and working for years on a single set of batteries.
Fullriver DC Series AGM provides a maintenance free, corrosion free, high reserve capacity battery made to withstand the deep discharge, high-amp recharge, and high vibration that your rig is subject to over the course of a long day of deliveries, saving you from having to fill batteries with acid, replace corroded cables, or replace batteries every 9 months because they weren’t built to handle the job you need done.
And when you’ve got a fleet of trucks coming back in for repairs, not having to worry about changing out another set of batteries every year because they weren’t made for cycling can save you serious coin. Fullriver DC Series AGM batteries are an investment that will pay off, and with the competition always on your tail, that’s an advantage you can’t pass by.

DC260-12 Deep-Cycle AGM Battery

FFD100-12 Dual Purpose AGM Battery

FFD110-12 Dual Purpose AGM Battery

FFD260-12 Dual Purpose AGM Battery

HC110 High Capacity Dual Purpose AGM Battery


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