Forest Tower System

Instant Stairway Towers have been used to provide access for numerous research and restoration projects around the world. Here are just a few examples
Mircrowave Systems
204ft tower of 34 interchangeable 6ft sections used to mount passive reflectors in semi-permanent microwave system.
Radar Systems
126ft Instant tower on the Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line. Two huge warning horns, sixteen corner antennas and the 24ft long trussed supporting structure are mounted on the tower.
Path-Loss Testing and Emergency Service Restoration
300ft Instant Tower provided high-speed easy assembly for path loss testing or full service restoration in case of attack, sabotage or disaster.
204ft tower supported meteorological instruments mounted on outboard instruments booms.

Forest Tower System 1 每 Scaffold

Forest Tower System 2 每 Scaffold

Forest Tower System 3 每 Scaffold

Forest Tower System 4 每 Scaffold

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