Solar / Renewable Energy

The thousands of dollars spent installing a solar system are worth every penny… when the sun’s shining. If you really want to take advantage of all the sun has to offer, you need to make sure you put in the capability to capture and contain the bounty on those days when nature is conspiring to keep the sun hidden.
And the best way to do that is with a clean green Fullriver DC Series AGM Battery. Because of the environments where Fullriver DC AGM batteries are used, we work closely with our customers to ensure our construction standards are geared to meet your needs. We use more lead in creating stronger connections between cells, heavier plates to increase our reserve capacity, and have formulated our batteries to maximize life cycles.
By taking these steps, the engineers and factory for Fullriver DC Series batteries have matched the highest standard for Deep Cycle VRLA batteries on the market. Our batteries have been proven reliable in the Great White North, the hottest deserts on the planet, and in those areas that see temperatures range from forty below to well over a hundred – with all the variable cloud cover that nature can throw our way.
And we’ve performed so well we tack on a 7 year Solar warranty just to put an exclamation point on our quality. With Fullriver DC Series AGM, you’ll capture and hold onto the sun’s power for when you want it, guaranteed.

DC105-12 Deep-Cycle AGM Battery

DC115-12 Deep-Cycle AGM Battery

DC1150-2 Deep-Cycle AGM Battery

DC215-12 Deep-Cycle AGM Battery

DC224-6 Deep-Cycle AGM Battery

DC250-6 Deep-Cycle AGM Battery

DC335-6 Deep-Cycle AGM Battery

DC400-6 Deep-Cycle AGM Battery

FFD100-12 Dual Purpose AGM Battery

FFD110-12 Dual Purpose AGM Battery


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