Delta-Q QuiQ

The QuiQ™ series of high frequency (HF) power factor corrected (PFC) battery chargers has been designed to provide reliable, quality charging for battery systems in electric drive vehicles or industrial machines.
  • Anywhere. Wide range AC input (85 – 265 VAC) allows use of one charger anywhere in the world and eliminates the need to stock and service multiple models.
  • Efficient. Advanced, switch mode high frequency design allows more efficient (90% typ), faster charging and optimal charging independent of battery type or condition.
  • Sealed Chassis. IP66 protection allows reliable operation in harsh environments. Convection cooling eliminates the need for a cooling fan, thereby increasing reliability and eliminating the need for fan replacement/service.
  • Reliable. Power Factor of > 0.99 minimizes utility surcharges and optimizes the use of AC line power.
  • Optimized Charge Profiles. Flooded, sealed and lithium battery compatibility. Select from an extensive list of approved charge algorithms backed with the validation of Delta-Q and many major battery manufacturers.
  • Memory. QuiQ chargers store 10 separate algorithms which can be selected to match the specific batteries in use, eliminating the need for multiple models and resulting in lower operating costs. Access charger data & set/add algorithms via QuiQ Programmer.
  • Versatile. Designed for on- and off- board applications. It’s Lightweight and compact size allows on-board use and offers space advantages over ferro-resonant chargers in traditional off-board installations.
  • Safe. Extensive safety features such as reverse polarity and short circuit protection ensure safe operation for both the operator and the charger itself.
  • Easy. LEDs allow at-a-glance charge status determination. AC-Power, Ammeter, >80% Charge, 100% Charge, fault.
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912-2400 Standard Charger

912-2400-03 w/ LED Charger

912-2400-JLG-16 AWP Charger

912-3600 Standard Charger

912-3600-D1 w/ LED Charger

912-4800 Standard Charger

912-4800-D1 w/ LED Charger

912-4854 ICON Charger

912-7200 Standard Charger

912-7200-D1 w/ LED Charger

912-7200-M1 w/ LED Charger

912-7254 ICON Charger

912-9600 Standard Charger

912-9654 ICON Charger

913-2400 Standard Charger

913-2400-175 Standard Charger

913-2400f Crow¡¯s Foot Charger

913-3600 Standard Charger

913-3600-175 Standard Charger

913-3600a EZGO Charger

913-3600f Crow¡¯s Foot Charger

913-3600g Yamaha Charger

913-4800 Standard Charger

913-4800b EZGO Charger

1 - 24 of 36

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